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Showroom Presentation Fall Winter 15/16

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The wardrobe of the stylish man: chic, urban, uncluttered.
The silhouette is refined, designed by a brisk line, opting for shapes fitted to the body, with deep colors, an essential wardrobe. No frills, no pointless effect, just the clothing that displays the lived body, redraws it through a set of graphic lines, the desire to emphasize structures. Aerobatix shows its identity: clothes to live daily with chic and casual sober.


The aviator, his military wardrobe and imaginary, are still at the heart of the Aerobatix collection, and the bomber jacket is the favorite piece of the season. It is joined by the spencer jacket and the shearling bombardier inspired by ceremonial uniforms of Air Force pilots. Cubic or round volumes, sometimes sustained, with a short waist cut give the bust a graphical dynamic and visually lengthen the silhouette.


These jackets worn with slim-fitting trousers, a shirt, t-shirt or a fine knit display the drive of the simplicity of the silhouette; a modern attitude that rejects ostentation and frills. On the other hand, refinement is seen in details, especially in these games lines that run on shapes and affirm the structure of the clothes or become a design on a t-shirt.


Many leathers, nappa, lambskin, nubuck, waxed nubuck, or shearling, sometimes associated with nylon and wool for a graphic and contemporary look. We know the attention paid by the brand to the materials and their weight, always of high quality, ultra lightweight knit, and soft or heavy leathers. Some tailored shirts in flannel, chambray, poplin, or oxford; heavy jersey or pique cotton polos, t-shirts playing aerobatics moves, and cotton gabardine pants.


The colors, borrowed from the aviation world, in bordeaux, khaki, steel, gray or deep blue, chocolate and deep black, compose a nuanced palette to play in monochrome and subtle combinations. These are simple, yet dominating, with sheet metal and paint shades that are consistent with evidence. Sometimes bicolor, shirts affirm the garment’s construction, and pullovers cover their tracks with a mixture of threads. The body becomes the canvas on which the silhouette is drawn with many graphic principles, line games, colors plays, and dynamics in motion. Lines highlight all these compositions and run all over the clothes and body.


Aerobatix continues its demanding path, pure silhouettes, modern iconic pieces of the military wardrobe, and asserts the dynamics of a body in motion. Elegance is always a matter of attitude. Some accessories go with this vision of today’s men: caps and big scarves, bags inspired by the helmet bags of the air force in technical, padded cotton, and leather; leather portfolios and weekend bags complete the silhouette.


Aerobatix is a young French brand of high-end ready to wear who adapts aeronautical fashion codes to offer elegants and casuals pieces. A particular attention has been brought to select the finest leather skins, to choose the best quality fabrics and to bring a special attention to every smallest clothing detail. Aerobatix offers premium products made in France that beneficiate from an historical know-how. Our passion for the aeronautical world and our fascination for the pilot universe bring to Aerobatix a source of endless inspiration.

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Retrouvez Aerobatix sur La Redoute !

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